Our Story

The brewery in the past

The brewery of Wilderen tells us an early history, which takes us all the way back to the year 1642.

The extraction of Wilderen was an economic production unit that provided for its own needs. The timber from trees was used to build the half-timbered farmhouse, the walls of the farm were leeched with soil, sheep and cattle provided milk, wool and leather. Agriculture and stockbreeding provided food...

The big winnings like the one from Wilderen had their own brew kettles...of which the trot went in the direction of the oxen stable...and there is now Brewery Wilderen anno 2011. If there was a lot of hard work in the extraction, you could celebrate exuberantly! Especially with fairs, and several days in a row...

The following nice village story goes round: Among the guests there was a bum who, before falling asleep in his intoxication, had the habit of singing loudly: "A very small boy, for a very small boy. Well stuffed is easily unloaded!" Since they brewed themselves, it was not difficult to refresh this thirsty frame!

In this period the brewery stood on the spot where later the bakery, the dairy and the washhouse were built. Underneath the current house one can still see the bricked up cellar holes of the brewery...

The brewery today

On the spot where the ox stables used to be, there is now an ultramodern brewery.

During the restoration, the old facades of the building were fully strutted and renovated. The contemporary architectural design creates a pleasant tension between the monument of the old distillery and the modern building of the brewery.

The brewery can be visited and discovered during the guided tours.

The brewing room

An ultramodern and fully automatic brewing hall of Italian manufacture. The brewing takes place in a completely closed system, as well as the grinding and transport of the malt to the brewing kettle and the driving out of the trot after brewing.